Congressman Nolan Backers: “Get Into The Race” 

St. Paul, Minn. – Minnesota Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund Executive Director John Rouleau issued the following statement in response to 8th Congressional District Chair Justin Perpich’s urging of Congressman Nolan to run for governor in spite of Congressman Walz’s entry to the race.

“Another day brings another DFLer who is not excited at the prospect of Congressman Walz being their party standard bearer. It’s not surprising that Democrats have serious questions about Congressman Walz’s track record as a liberal rubber stamp and Obamacare cheerleader after their staggering defeats in Minnesota over the past two cycles and failed record on healthcare. We agree with Mr. Perpich. Run, Rick, run. And pass the popcorn.”


Pioneer Press: Tim Walz entry in governor’s race doesn’t stop Rick Nolan backers

“‘Rick Nolan will make a decision when he’s ready, but we would like him to get into the race before the end of the (Minnesota legislative) session,’ said Justin Perpich, a past Nolan campaign manager who is currently the point person for the Coalition to Draft Rick Nolan for Governor. The Minnesota legislative session ends in May.” (“Tim Walz entry in governor’s race doesn’t stop Rick Nolan backers” Forum News Service March 29, 2017)