Carlbom Takes First Shot As DFL Civil War Begins

St. Paul, Minn. – Two days after Congressman Walz (D-Washington Insider) entered the Minnesota gubernatorial race, his former top aide took the opportunity to promote DFL gubernatorial candidate Chris Coleman. Minnesota Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund Executive Director John Rouleau issued the following statement.

“Today began Congressman Walz’s long, uncomfortable conversation about his record as his former top aide declared publicly that Chris Coleman is the better candidate when it comes to education, jobs and racial equity. Richard Carlbom knows Congressman Walz’s record better than anyone, if Walz can’t earn the support of his trusted advisor, how can he expect to win over everyday Minnesotans?””


Richard Carlbom with Sarah Catherine Walker and 13 others.

1 hr · Saint Paul ·

The next Governor of Minnesota will need to be a proven job creator, racial equity champion and striving to innovate in education. Governor Dayton has big shoes to fill. And, while there are many good Democrats running for Governor, I think Mayor Chris Coleman outlined in his final State of the City today why he is a leading candidate.

Consider: in 2009 when the Great Recession stopped development dead in its tracks, Mayor Coleman publicly financed the Penfield Development and put people back to work from North Branch, Plainview, Cannon Falls and Anoka. There was criticism of this decision, but the city was vindicated with its sale, profit and incredible success. When no one else was putting up cranes and building, Mayor Coleman and St Paul put people back to work. This matters to voters in Greater Minnesota. They know we are ONE Minnesota and the need to develop job opportunities for every community is critical. Mayor Coleman also has a strong track record of working with countless communities throughout Minnesota to protect funding for first responders and demand a greater investment in infrastructure. Outdated water and sewer plans can be found in all parts of Minnesota and Mayor Coleman never put St Paul ahead of others, but instead advocated for investment in all community needs.

On racial equity, Mayor Coleman has worked with communities of color in times of community and in times of crisis. He has worked to gain trust within all communities. Mayor Coleman has done two great things in just the last two years: required all 2700 city employees to go through racial equity and implicit bias training and also increased hiring within communities of color, already exceeding the 23% goal by the end of 2017.

Finally, Mayor Coleman’s commitment to education runs from new babies to college students and beyond. Whether it be the support found in our community centers for new parents, the out of school time activities in our libraries or the incredible success of the Right Track interns, St Paul has been a leader in developing new educational opportunities away from the classroom, but in strong partnership with our public school teachers, their work being so critically important.

On these and many other issues, as the only one running with Chief Executive experience, he stands out. I am excited to help share his story.

COLEMAN: THE JOBS CANDIDATE:…/Mayor%27s%…/Jobs%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf